Bruins-In-Genomics 8 week Summer Research Program

What will I learn from the workshops?

Students in Track 1 will learn the fundamental next generation sequencing analysis techniques, some specific applications such as gene variant calling, RNAseq expression analysis, epigenome analysis, and ChIPseq transcription factor location analysis. These skills will be helpful to carry out your research project.

Am I automatically placed in my Track of choice?

No. Students can indicate a preferred track on their application packet. The admission committee will place students in a track based on the students overall background.

I am interested in Track 2, but I do not have research experience, will I be considered?

Yes. If you have taken a bioinformatics/biostatistics course indicate your lab preference(s) on your application. The admission committee will review your entire application packet and will place you in a Track that best suits you.

How will I get placed in a lab?

Students in Track 1 attend a Mentor Matching event at the end of week 1 where they will have an opportunity to meet and interview participating mentors/labs. Students will have the chance to select a preferred mentor, but will be matched by the admission committee based on the students  background, research interest, and lab needs.

Students in Track 2 will be placed in a lab prior to the start of the program, and will meet their mentor on day 1.

Who are the mentors?

The mentors are UCLA faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and senior graduate students.

I am a Master’s students interested in applying to a doctoral program, can I apply to BIG Summer?

Yes. Students interested in research and pursuing a PhD program may apply.

UCLA QCB is committed to attracting exceptional students who will contribute to the University’s diversity. We especially encourage women, minorities, and individuals with disabilities to apply.