“Through the BIG Summer program, I made some great friends and had the chance to work with people who are pioneering the work in the computational biology field. Coming from a school that does not have a bioinformatics program, it was nice to be able to work alongside people who have similar interests and career goals. BIG Summer solidified my plans to pursue a graduate degree in computational biology, and it gave me the chance to see what life as a graduate student in this field would be like.”

Toni Boltz
Biochemistry & Moleculat Biology, Computer Science
University of Miami

“The BIG summer program exposed me to next generation sequencing  analysis, and at the end of the program I had learned so much that I started answering really interesting biomedical questions using next-generation sequencing data at my home institution. In addition to the world class research, the mentoring during BIG summer was amazing in that I was able to work independently given the necessary resources and support from graduate students and faculty members. My experience during BIG summer was a key factor in deciding to come back to UCLA for graduate studies in Bioinformatics. There is no place I would rather be!”

Kofi Amoah
UCLA Bioinformatics, Ph.D

“This program influenced me so much and I would recommend it for so many reasons. I feel really lucky to have been exposed to the expertise of the QC Bio fellows and the insights they shared with me are so valuable. The program inspired me to minor in Bioinformatics and gave me a clear direction to pursue my PhD. The mentorship of the faculty was incredible not only because of their knowledge but because they welcomed me in and made me feel like I belonged there. I’m excited to be presenting my research project from the summer at the ABRCMS conference this fall and I’m also looking forward to reconnecting with my mentors from UCLA when I apply to the PhD program.”

Garrett J. Parker
Computer Science, Santa Monica Community College

“Before coming to B.I.G summer program, I had separate experience of computer science and basic molecular biology. This program helped me bridge the gap between the two subjects. This program developed an passion of taking raw data that only contains A, G, C & T/U to giving biological insight to it. There are so many resources available and faculty that will go far and beyond to help you. I am very fortunate to be part of this family.”

Jigar Patel
Biology, UCSD