Workshop Description

This workshop introduces attendees to R programming (, statistical analysis and visualization techniques. The focus is on introductory concepts, syntax and usage. Hands on tutorials will be conducted throughout the session, giving attendees a chance to see R in action. This workshop is geared toward those with little or no prior experience with R. It will conclude with an introduction to Bioconductor ( which provides tools for the analysis of high throughput genomic data. If you are interested in any particular R/Bioconductor topic, please contact the instructor. Efforts will be made to cover topics of general interest.

Day 1

Basic R

  • Introduction to R and RStudio
  • Basic arithmetic and math
  • Common data structures such as: vectors, matrices, and data frames

Slides for day 1 can be found here.

Day 2

Intermediate R

  • List data structures
  • Reading/writing data frames
  • Conditional statements
  • Loop statements
  • Functions

Slides for day 2 can be found here.

Day 3


  • How to install Bioconductor packages
  • Differential gene expression with edgeR
  • Plotting basics

Slides for day 3, can be found here.

Technical Requirements

We have 10 iMac computers with R and RStudio pre-installed. You can bring your own WiFi-capable laptop. If you need help installing R and RStudio on your own laptop, come over 5 min before class on the first day.


Nicholas Mancuso is a post-doctoral fellow in the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at UCLA working with Bogdan Pasaniuc. He is involved in developing computational methods to dissect the genetic basis for disease. In addition to method development, Dr. Mancuso is interested in applying developed methods to large-scale datasets. Prior to joining UCLA Nicholas completed his PhD in the bioinformatics lab of Alex Zelikovsky at Georgia State University.



Excellent workshop! I attended other R workshops in the past, but this was by far the clearest and most useful. Well done!


This is one of the best instructional seminars I have attended at UCLA – bravo to the instructor!


I have attended a few R workshops but so far this has been really the most useful one. Well done!


Workshop Details

Prerequisites: None
Length: 3 days, 2.5 hours
Level: Introductory
Location: Collaboratory Classroom  (Boyer Hall, 529)
Seats Available: 28

Spring Dates

April 24 – 26, 9:30 – 12pm