Workshop Description

‘BioBox for Differential Gene Expression’ will introduce you to Bulk RNA sequencing data analysis from raw data to interpretation. Using the BioBox Platform (, we will learn about each step in the data analysis process using a low-code approach.
This workshop is intended for biologists who:
  • do not have prior coding experience
  • want to be introduced to bioinformatics applications/outcomes
  • would like to develop the terminology to communicate with their bioinformatics collaborators in the lab
Attendees can expect an interactive workshop that balances theory/knowledge with practical experience in a sandbox environment. Using a real dataset in the context of a published paper, we will explore and interpret the findings using the BioBox Platform.
  • Overview of RNA-seq and differential gene expression, types of RNA, splicing, quality control, types of RNA-seq experiments & applications, workflows and pipelines.
  • Data visualization and pathway analysis.

Technical Requirements

The BioBox Platform is a web-based application that does not require any downloading to your local machine. However, a strong internet connection is recommended.


Hamza Farooq M.Sc.
Hamza Farooq is the Chief Technology Officer at BioBox Analytics. Hamza obtained his Bachelor’s of Engineering before pursuing a Master’s under the tutelage of Dr. Michael Taylor at SickKids Hospital. Focusing on the use of bioinformatics to study medulloblastoma, Hamza contributed to numerous published papers during his time in research. Aside from exploring the underlying cause of cancer, he is a stern believer in teaching other researchers about bioinformatic analysis, joining the Canadian Bioinformatic Workshops as an instructor from the years of 2017-2018. Hamza believes in making bioinformatics a much simpler and accessible endeavour for all researchers through BioBox.
Lauren Phillips M.Sc.
Lauren Phillips is the Chief Product Officer at BioBox Analytics. Lauren completed her M.Sc in laboratory medicine and pathology at the University of Toronto and SickKids Hospital. Her research focus while at SickKids was to identify therapeutic targets for diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma from a proteomic and transcriptomic landscape analysis. Lauren’s goal at BioBox is to empower biologists with the tools and education they need to process, visualize, and explore complex NGS datasets.

Workshop Details

Required Prerequisites: No coding expertise required.
Recommended Prerequisites: A basic understanding of genomics.
Length: 2 days, 2hrs per day
Level: Introductory
Location: Online steam
Seats Available: N/A

Upcoming Dates

Registration is open.

December 2 and 3 (9 AM – 11 AM PT)