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Research-in-Progress (RIP) Seminar: Raag Agrawal (Boutros), Graduate Student in Genetics & Genomics, UCLA/Caltech MSTP

Boyer Hall 159

TITLE: "Discovering biomarkers for predicting response to neo-adjuvant ADT and radionuclide treatment in high-risk prostate cancer" ABSTRACT: Prostate cancer is the number one cause of cancer death in non-smoking American men. Next generation treatments for prostate cancer include androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) drugs such as Enzalutamide and radionuclide treatments like Lu-PSMA-617. While both of these […]

Research-in-Progress (RIP) Seminar: Jonathan Mah (Garud-Lohmueller), Graduate Student in Bioinformatics Interdepartmental Program

Boyer Hall 159

TITLE: "Inference of the demographic histories and selective effects of human gut commensal microbiota over the course of human history" ABSTRACT: Despite the importance of gut commensal microbiota to human health, there is little knowledge about their evolutionary histories, including their demographic histories and distributions of fitness effects (DFE) of mutations. Here, we infer the […]

W33: Analysis of Electronic Health Records

529 Boyer Hall 611 Charles E Young Dr E,, Los Angeles

The UCLA ATLAS Precision Health Biobank integrates genetic information and de-identified medical records to enable precision health research. This introductory workshop will cover the basics of extracting health-related phenotypes from the electronic health record. Topics covered include introductory SQL, medical record concepts and organization, and best practices. No prior experience with SQL nor health records […]