August 5 : Summer Program Shapes Future Leaders in Biosciences

July 1: Congratulations to Dr. Xia Yang for promotion to Associate Professor with Tenure!

June 9: “Using big data to give cancer patients better survival estimates.”

May 19: Leonid Kruglyak to become Chair of Human Genetics https://www.genetics.ucla.edu/

April 22:  QCBio’s Xia Yang laboratory in the news

March 30 UCOP HBCU partnership

March 11 BIG Summer in partnership with HBCUs

March 1 Congratulations to Joe DiStefano for being awarded the cover of Thyroid for a math model!

February 24 Daniel Geschwind to head all precision medicine efforts in health system, medical school

February 18 Leonid Kruglyak honored with 2016 Novitski prize

October 9 Leonid Kruglyak wins the Curt Stern Award for Outstanding Achievement in Human Genetics

September 21 Sriram Kosuri receives NSF award to crack the olfactory code

September 10 Pellegrini lab identifies microbiome as determinant of age-related diseases.

August 14 Todd Yeates wins the DeLano Award in Computational Biosciences

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