Feb 10The New Biology

Feb 2Grace Xiao awarded ENCODE project grant

Dec 9New Joint QCB-EEB faculty search announced.

Dec 6 – New QCBio Faculty cluster search announced

November 30 Savage Lab on the cover of PLOS Computational Biology

November 17 Childhood infections provide lifelong protection against flu viruses that come from animals

November 14 BIG Summer Students Win Poster Awards

October 17 : “Steve Horvath’s epigenetic clock in the news”

September 29 : A Fat That Saves You From Sugar

September 29 : Epigenetic clock predicts life expectancy

Upcoming Events

Chemistry & Biochem Seminars
Thursday, February 23
2033 Young Hall
Xiyu Yi
UCLA, Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry

UCLA Institute for Society and Genetics – Winter Lecture Series
Thursday, February 23
CHS 13-105
C. Brandon Ogbunu
Dept. of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology
Harvard University

Geffen School of Medicine – Human Genetics Seminar Series
Monday February 27
Neuroscience Research Building (NRB) Auditorium
Room 132
Stanley Nelson, M.D., UCLA Dept. of Human Genetics, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Christina Palmer, Ph.D., UCLA Dept of Psyhiatry and Biobehaviorial Science, Human Genetics, and Institute for Society and Genetics

Bioinformatics Weekly Seminar
Monday, February 27
Boyer Hall 159
Adam Seipel, Ph.D.
Watson School of Biological Sciences
Cold Springs Harbor Laboratories
*Hosted by Dr. Kirk Lohmueller

BSCRC Seminar
Thursday, March 2
53-105 CHS
Todd Evans, M.D.
Cornell University

Computer Science
Thursday, March 2
3400 Boelter Hall
Arvind, MIT
Fellow of IEEE and ACM
*Hosted by Professor Jason Cong