Galaxy is a web-based informatics infrastructure for computational tools and is widely deployed for next generation sequence (NGS) data analysis. The UCLA Galaxy runs in a linux cluster that consists of a head node and four computing nodes. A central storage system with 100 TB disk space is available for the users of Galaxy. Tools commonly used for NGS data analysis have been installed and configured to work within Galaxy. They include, but are not limited to:

  • Programs for quality checking and manipulation of raw reads
  • Short-read mapping and RNA Analysis programs for RNA-seq
  • Peak Calling program for Chip-seq
  • SAMTools for manipulation of alignment information and conversion of alignment file format
  • BEDTools for format conversion, finding overlapped features, and computing genome coverage
  • Tools for text manipulation, data filtering and sorting, and files joining/subtracting/grouping
  • Motif Tools
  • Data visualization in genome browser

To obtain an account of galaxy, please send your application to Dr. Weihong Yan ( with

  • your full name
  • name of your PI
  • your UCLA email address ( or