Director: Matteo Pellegrini, Ph.D

 The Collaboratory, a central component of the Institute for Quantitative & Computational Biosciences (QCB), provides the experimental and empirical research environment where bioscientists and computational scientists work together to design and conduct experiments to improve our understanding of biological systems. As large-scale data analysis is often limited to most bioscience laboratories, the Collaboratory’s main mission is to facilitate genomic data analysis by bringing together UCLA bioscience faculty with a select group of QCB post-doctoral fellows dedicated to the Collaboratory. Individual post-doctoral fellows are assigned to work on specific bioscience research projects to develop and implement tailored methodologies for genomic analysis. In addition, the fellows are responsible for organizing intensive tutorials to train UCLA students and postdocs in the latest next-generation sequence analysis techniques. The Collaboratory has also set up and maintains a next-generation sequence data analysis server.

In summary, the Collaboratory offers expert computational and bioinformatics support services to UCLA faculty, staff, and students:

Training Workshops

  • We offer interactive workshops taught by fellows on the latest next-generation sequencing techniques. These courses are also available for non-UCLA affiliates upon request.

Analysis of next-generation sequencing data consultation services

  • Provide expert consultation services, research support, and analysis of data by pairing a lab with a specific fellow with expertise in the problem area

Automated Data Analysis Tool

  • Offer use of the Galaxy server, a software used to analyze datasets.

For inquiries, please contact Matteo Pellegrini.

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