QCB Collaboratory workshops are geared towards the broader Biosciences Community. The topics include NGS data analysis of RNAseq, ChIPseq, BS-seq, Variant calling, etc. May also include splice isoform analysis, motif analysis, experimental design, network analysis of functional and physical networks, gene ontology, regulatory circuit modeling.

Workshops (Schedule)

Workshop 1: Introduction to UNIX command-line
Workshop 2: Next Generation Sequencing Analyses: a Primer for Biologists
Workshop 3: Intro to R and Bioconductor
Workshop 4: Galaxy Platform for NGS Data Analysis
Workshop 5: Informatics for RNA-sequence Analysis
Workshop 6: DNA methylation using BS-sequencing data
Workshop 7: ChIP-seq
Workshop 8: Variant-Calling with GATK
Workshop 9: Python
Workshop 10: Hi-C
Workshop 11: Metagenomics Analysis
Workshop 12: Matlab
Workshop 14: Intro to Modern Statistics
Workshop 15: RAD-seq

Users groups
Python Users Group