The QCB Collaboratory workshops are open to UCLA faculty, staff, affiliates, and students. Non-UCLA affiliates may attend with approval from the department. Graduate students are eligible to receive course credit. To learn more, click here.

Winter 2018 Schedule:

Workshop NameDateTimeInstructor
W1: Intro to Unix1/10/17 - 1/12/179:30am - 12:30pmSerghei Mangul, Ph.D.
W9: Python1/9/18 - 1/11/181:00pm - 4:00pmRenaud Dessalles, Ph.D
W2: Using NGS Analysis Tools1/16/18 - 1/18/189:30am - 12:30pmMichael Weinstein, Ph.D.
W18: Advanced Python1/16/18 - 1/18/181:30pm - 4:30pmMichael Weinstein, Ph.D.
W3: Intro to R1/23/18 - 1/25/189:30am - 12pmNick Mancuso, Ph.D.
W14: Intro to Modern Statistics1/22/18 - 1/24/181:00pm - 3:30pmDon Vaughn, Ph.D.
W5a: RNA-seq I Analysis1/30/18 - 2/1/189:30am - 11:30amTrent Su, Ph.D
Alice Mouton, Ph.D
W19: Intro to Homology Modeling1/30/18 - 2/1/181:00pm - 3:00pmMarcus Gallagher-Jones, Ph.D.
W5b: RNA-seq II Analysis2/6/18 - 2/8/189:30am - 12:30pmAlice Mouton, Ph.D.
Yerbol Kurmangaliev, Ph.D
W16: Library Prep for NGS2/13/18 - 2/15/189:30am - 12:30pmMarco Morselli, Ph.D
W6: BS-seq2/13/18 - 2/15/181:00pm - 4:00pmFides Lay, Ph.D.
W17: Machine Learning with Python2/20/18 - 2/22/189:30am - 12:30pmThiago Mosqueiro, Ph.D.
W12: Matlab2/27/18 - 3/1/189:30am - 11:30amSimon Mitchell, Ph.D.
W4: Galaxy3/6/18 - 3/7/189:30am - 12:30pmWeihong Yan, Ph.D.
W15: RAD-seqWill be offered in the Spring.Ying Zhen, Ph.D.
W7: ChiP-seqWill be offered in the Spring.TBA
W10: Hi-CWill be offered in the Spring.Fides Lay, Ph.D.
W8: Variant CallingWill be offered in the Spring.Sorel Fitz-Gibbon, Ph.D.
W11: Metagenomics AnalysisWill be offered in the Spring.Baochen Shi, Ph.D.