Microscopy & Modeling (M&M) Meeting

This is a joint lab meeting, which meets Wednesdays at noon for researchers interested in live-cell microscopy and/or dynamical systems modeling of cell fate decisions.  
Labs associated:
Eric Deeds (IBP)
Aaron Meyer (Bioeng)
Elisa Franco (Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering)
Alexander Hoffmann (MIMG)
Pavak Shah (MCDB)
Roy Wollman (IBP and Chem/Biochem)

Contact: Roy Wollman, rwollman@ucsd.edu

UCLA’s Human Genetics Speaker Series
Mondays – Gonda Building 1st Floor Conference Room, 1357
Upcoming speakers, http://medschool.ucla.edu/human-genetics/seminar-series
For more information, please contact: Charina McDonald; cmcdonald@mednet.ucla.edu

QCBio Frontiers in Quantitative and Systems Biology Seminar Series
Fridays – Boyer Hall 159, 11:00am
For more information, please contact: QCB Office at qcboffice@lifesci.ucla.edu

Meeting archive: To see what we’re doing go here.

Predictive Immunology Group
This is a joint lab meeting, which meets the first Monday of every month.
For more information, please contact: Alexander Hoffmann; ahoffmann@ucla.edu

Wednesdays – Boyer Hall, 1:00pm
A monthly meeting attended by the following labs: Black, Xiao, Hoffmann, Kosuri, Pellegrini, ErnstJohnson, and Smale.
For more information, please contact: Alexander Hoffmann, ahoffmann@ucla.edu

Society of Pure and Applied Systems and Synthetic Biologists in LA
This is a joint meeting of systems biology labs at Caltech, USC, and UCLA

Network Science Group Meeting 

Scholars across the UCLA campus who are interested in the study of networks meet once a month to discuss current research in Network Science. We meet once a month – first Monday of each month at 3pm.

Labs associated:
Mason Porter (Math)
Van Savage (EEB)
Carolyn Parkinson (Psych)
Dan Blumstein (EEB)
Jacob Foster (Sociology)
PJ Lamberson (Communication)
Zachary Steinert-Threlkeld (Public policy)
Noa Pinter-Wollman (EEB)

Contact: Noa Pinter-Wollman at nmpinter@ucla.edu

Student Journal Club

The goal of the journal club is to provide students working in bioinformatics a peer based support group to further their research and academic progress.
The student journal club is made up of graduate students from the Bioinformatics IDP, and is also open to others working in bioinformatics.
Each meeting a student gives a main presentation which may be a research project or journal article for group discussion. The Club meets Thursdays from 9am to 10am.

To register: https://goo.gl/forms/EWdRLHNzS3YqXh042

For more information, please contact: Evan Maltz at ewmaltz@ucla.edu