QCB has developed a program for day-long workshops.

QCB Frontiers Workshops. These workshops are geared towards QC Bioscientists and focus on emerging technologies or computational approaches, as well as other topics identified by QCB faculty and trainees, to further their research training. Possible topics may include: Machine Learning Approaches, Stochastic Processes, Model Parameterization, best practices in Software Development.

Stay tuned for details.

QCB Collaboratory Workshops. These workshops are geared towards the broader Biosciences Community and are being offered by the QCB Collaboratory. The topics include NGS data analysis of RNAseq, ChiPseq, BS-seq, variant calling. Workshops may also include splice isoform analysis, motif analysis, Experimental Design, Network analysis of functional and physical networks, gene ontology, regulatory circuit modeling.

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