Coming into the program, I was still unsure whether to pursue medical school or graduate training in biosciences. However, the joy and excitement that I felt upon being immersed in a community so dedicated to computational biology & bioinformatics cleared whatever doubts remained. At my school, the bioinformatics program is small and no research with a special emphasis on the field is being conducted. Having the opportunity to experience what it’s like to work in the field has influenced my decisions about what to focus on in grad school, where to apply, and what professors may be of interest to me.

Andre L.

I was amazed by how I was able to learn so much in just 8 weeks and actually had the opportunity to apply what I had learned, to actual research! It was so rewarding! I definitely now know that I am more interested in going towards the computational side of biology. Through BIG Summer, I realized how there are enormous amounts of unanalyzed sequencing data, but at the same time so many unanswered questions. And the way to go for reaching some answers is through programming and machine learning. Which is the reason I am planning to continue my future studies and career in the biocomputational field, and being part of B.I.G. helped me realize that this is the direction I would like to pursue my Ph.D. in. I am very glad I joined the program.

Yasamine M.


Since the sequencing of the human genome in the early 2000s, there has been an irreversible change in the way biology and biomedical research are being done.

Bruins-In-Genomics (B.I.G.) Summer is an intensive, practical experience in genomics and bioinformatics for students who are interested in integrating quantitative and biological knowledge, and pursuing graduate degrees in the biological, biomedical or health sciences.

The program includes next generation sequencing analysis workshops, weekly science talks by researchers, a weekly student journal club, professional development seminars, social activities, concluding poster sessions, and an optional GRE test prep course.

BRUINS-IN-GENOMICS: February 1, 2018

Sample BIG Summer Schedule

Weeks 1 – 2

Individual Development Plan workshop

Intensive Next Gen Seq Workshops: Intro to UNIX, Intro to R, Galaxy, NGS Analysis Tools, Python

Weeks 3 – 8

Research – full time

Poster Session & Award Ceremony


Professional Development workshops

Research Lunches

Journal Club

GRE prep (some students)

Social Activities:

Program BBQ

Student trips – Getty Center, Santa Monica Pier/Venice Beach, Griffith Park Observatory

Weekly Happy Hour